Hiroshi Horiguchi


Hiroshi Horiguchi, M.D.



  • Hiroshi Horiguch, Jonathan Winawer, Robert F Dougherty and Brian A Wandell. Human Trichromacy revisited. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. (In press)
  • Hiroshi Horiguchi,Satoshi Nakadomari,Masaya Misaki and Brian A Wandell. Two temporal channels in human V1 identified using fMRI.  Neuroimage. 2009, 47(1), 273-280.
  • Yoichiro Masuda, Hiroshi Horiguchi, Serge O. Dumoulin, Ayumu Furuta, Satoru Miyauchi, Satoshi Nakadomari, and Brian A. Wandell. Task-dependent V1 Responses in Human Retinitis Pigmentosa. IOVS. 2010, 51(10), 356-364.
  • Hiroshi Horiguchi, Hiroyuki Kubo and Satoshi Nakadomari. Lack of Photophobia Associated with Bilateral Ventral Occipital Lesion. Japanese Jornal of Ophthalmology. 2011,55,301-303.
  • Hiroshi Horiguchi. A Mechanism of Photophobia. Neuro-ophthalmol.Jpn. 2009, 26(4), 382-395.

Research Interest:

  • Lightness, Glare and Photophobia
  • Temporal channels in human visual cortex
  • Cortical Plasticity

Educational Backgraound

  • 2008: JSPS Research Fellow
  • 2007: Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
  • 2007: diplomate of ophthalmology, Japanese Ophthalmological Society
  • 1996-2002: M.D., Jikei University, School of Medicine, Tokyo

堀口浩史 (spelled in Japanese)